Participating Faculty

Andy Berglund Chemistry RNA-protein interactions, intron recognition, and pre-mRNA splicing.
Chris Doe Biology Neural stem cells, cell polarity, CNS development in Drosophila.
Hans Dreyer Human Phys Muscle physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.
Judith Eisen Biology Developmental neurobiology of vertebrates.
Karen Guillemin Biology Bacterial-host interactions in pathogenesis and development.
Charles Kimmel Biology Pattern formation during development.
Ken Prehoda Chemistry Signal transduction, protein interaction networks, x-ray crystallography.
Melissa Redford Linguistics Language production and development.
Kryn Stankunas Biology Chromatin dynamics and epigenetic control of vertebrate development.
Philip Washbourne Biology Molecular mechanisms of synaptic development.
Michael Wehr Psychology Systems neuroscience, neural coding, auditory cortex.
Monte Westerfield Biology Developmental genetics of neurons and muscle.
Hui Zong Biology Gliomagenesis in mouse mosaic, stem cells, loss of tumor suppressor genes.